Excision of Morton’s Neuromas

Alcohol Ablation of Morton’s Neuroma as an alternative to surgery

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition affecting one of the nerves between the toes (interdigital nerve). Morton’s neuroma refers to the thickening of the nerve tissue between your third and fourth toes due to scar tissue formation. This condition is characterized by severe pain in the ball of the foot which may radiate to the toes. It may also be associated with numbness in the toes.

Treatment for Morton’s neuroma depends on the severity of the condition. In the initial stages, your doctor may recommend a non-surgical option which may comprise of footwear adjustment, calf stretching exercises, steroid or local anaesthetic injections or sclerosant injections such as alcohol ablation.

Alcohol ablation of Morton’s neuroma is an alternative to surgery. In this procedure, highly concentrated alcohol is injected into the neuroma, under ultrasound guidance. The highly concentrated alcohol causes chemical destruction (sclerosis) of the fibrous nerve tissue. Weekly repetition of the injection may be required for complete resolution of the symptoms.

Alcohol ablation is a safe and well tolerated treatment. Its efficacy is comparable to that of surgery (neurectomy) with fewer complications.