Preparing for your Office Visit

Front Desk Check-in Requirements

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit.
  • Bring your photo ID, and insurance card.
  • Bring a referral if required by insurance company.
  • Co-payment is collected at check-in.

Office Evaluation Requirements

  • Bring CD/films of your prior X-rays, MRI, CT images.
  • Bring related operative reports and office notes from any prior doctor’s evaluation.
  • If you have not had “Standing” X-rays, or recent X-rays (within 3 months) you will need new X-rays prior to your visit.   Please call for an X-ray prescription (443) 849-3838 (443) 849-3838.
  • Bring any brace or orthotic that you have used.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, and avoid long hosiery.